What To Expect

Office of the Ombuds

Many people only learn about the Ombuds Office when they are in immediate need due to an escalating conflict or untenable situation.  This often means that our initial meeting occurs after other channels have proved unhelpful.  We are accustomed to dealing with people in crisis, explaining what we do and how we can help.

ombud with pencil and pad of paper, sitting with client at a table with two cups

Penn’s Office of the Ombuds does not accept formal complaints or notice for the University. If a visitor wishes to make a record or put the University “on notice,” that is, to make the University formally aware of a particular problem, we can provide information on how to do so.

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113 Duhring Wing, 236 S. 34th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6273

(215) 898-8261

(215) 573-7814